Sea of Android devices

I don't mean releasing lots of Android devices is a bad idea for one company. It's a business strategy, but it could hurt the company itself.
Taking Sony mobile as an example, I don't know what's the difference between Xperia S and Xperia Ion. They do have different spec and specials. But for customers, the releasing of those two devices are too close and Xperia Ion does overlap with the market segment of Xperia S. They are both high end devices, no many customers would like to buy both. Even they bought Xperia S, they might be unhappy that better one Xperia Ion is coming soon.
It is not bad to release devices for different market segments, for example, high end, middle, and low end. Those market doesn't overlap and can make the company focus on each one segment. For example, put efforts to make one high end device and make the best one. It does not require to develop many devices in one time and also make them hard to maintain and upgradde to latest Android versions.
Even so, I am also happy with that Sony mobile is willing to upgrade 2011 Xperia devices to 4.0.4. No matter that is under Google preasure or not, at least they did the best to maintain and upgrade many Xperia devices with different spec and hardware. However, it the sin of Android. It is open, but the company should pay for it to maintain the open range of devices.