Dedicate swap partition for Leopard

Prior to 10.5, it needs to modify /etc/rc.local to mount the disk partition because that dynamic pager is run before mounting volumes.
In Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, /etc/rc.local does not no longer exist. Instead, lanuchd is used to run some daemons after system start. In /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/, it controls the dynamic swap size and location. In my case, I have a separated partition name ".swap" and will be mounted under /Volumes/.swap. Just run and sudo vi to edit it. Here is a portion of an example,

<key>Label</key> <string></string> <key>ProgramArguments</key> <array> <string>/sbin/dynamic_pager</string> <string>-S</string> <string>1073741824</string> <string>-H</string> <string>4096</string> <string>-L</string> <string>1073750016</string> <string>-F</string> <string>/Volumes/.swap/swapfile</string> </array> <key>OnDemand</key>
After reboot, the swapfile will be relocated to /Volumes/.swap and size is fixed to 1GiB. note: remember to delete /var/vm/swapfile* to release unused swap spaces.


SafariPowerToy 0.2 for 10.5 Leopard

Only available and tested for PowerPC 32-bit Mac OS X environment.
Objective-C 2.0 and the WebKit build of 10.5 Leopard are incompatible with previous build of SafariPowerToy on 10.4. A new version for Leopard is released.
The InputManagers installation is not like that on 10.4 Tiger. Please refer to the manual for the detail.
For developer compatible topics: 1. Objective-C 2.0 does not support

IMP func = [class methodFor:@selector(method)]
to get the method address. It will result coredump in Leopard Objective-C 2.0. Using class_getClassMethod() and method_getImplementation() instead. For example,
Method method = class_getClassMethod(NSClassFromString(@"NSString"), @selector(initWithString));
IMP func = method_getImplementation(method);
2. Method.method_imp is not supported in Objective-C 2.0. MethodSwizzle will not correctly work. Instead, using
method_exchangeImplementations( method1, method2 );
is simple and easy.


SafariPowerToy 0.2

SafariPowerToy is now open source in Google code. SafariPowerToy 0.2 supports Safari 3 for traditional/simplified Chinese glyph conversion on-the-fly. However, it contains only Power PC binary bundle. Without the environment of Intel Mac, it is not able to write and test the assembly code.



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SafariPowerToy is not compatible with Safari 3

Recently people reports that SafariPowerToy did not work in Safari 3. It is a known issue already. Safari 2.x uses a branch of WebKit of apple build. SafariPowerToy is based on this old WebKit framework. Safari 3 uses new WebKit and includes some new architectures which are not compatible with SafariPowerToy. I know this and some technical issues have to be solved for original functionalities of SafariPowerToy.



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Shrink the Disk Image

Trying Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the whole DVD to disk image. Unselect language packages, printer drivers, and Xcode tools; Using block level copy to new sparse image. After the copy completion, you mount the disk image and you can find the used size is < 4.7G but the disk size is ~= original DVD size. Because the underlay partition and file system is still the same as them in DVD. However, just run this 'hdiutil resize -size min xxx.sparseimage'. It will shrink the partition and file system size to possible minimum.
Note: If you delete some file and resize it, the disk size is still not changed because some files might be still occupied in the tail of the file system.