Shrink the Disk Image

Trying Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the whole DVD to disk image. Unselect language packages, printer drivers, and Xcode tools; Using block level copy to new sparse image. After the copy completion, you mount the disk image and you can find the used size is < 4.7G but the disk size is ~= original DVD size. Because the underlay partition and file system is still the same as them in DVD. However, just run this 'hdiutil resize -size min xxx.sparseimage'. It will shrink the partition and file system size to possible minimum.
Note: If you delete some file and resize it, the disk size is still not changed because some files might be still occupied in the tail of the file system.


Thank you for the tip!
Now I can put it to 1 disk....

By the way, your excellent SafariPowertoy is not working with Safari 3 from the 10.4.11 update.

Just to let you know!