screen - virtual terminal manager

screen 的常用用法與一些指令:

-U: unicode
-d: detach an attached screen
-r:attach to a detached screen
-wipe: clear the dead screen(s)
screen 中的熱鍵: (^a is ctrl-a)
^a ^a   ^a key itself
^a c    create new screen window
^a 0~9- select the screen 0 to 9 & -
^a d    detach current screen
^a z    suspend current screen
^a S    split the screen into two windows
^q Q    one window mode
^a i    focus move
^a K    force kill current screen
^a x    lock screen
^a A    change the window title
^a l    refresh
^a ^g   toggle visual bell
^a ?    help
^a :    colon
useful commands in screen:
height [-w] [-d] rows [cols]:-w: window only; -d: display only
help:help screen
in ~/.screenrc
caption [always|splitonly] "%C %-Lw%{= BW}%50>%n%f* %t%{-}%+Lw%<"
如抓圖的 screen 方式之用法過程
screen // start screen
irssi // run irssi in one screen
^a c // create another new screen
telnet // log in to bbs
^a S // split the screen
^a 0 // return the first screen
// resize the terminal to 36 rows
^a :height -d 36    // adjust the display height to 36 rows
^a :height -w 11    // adjust the first screen's height to 11 rows
^a ^i:              // change to the next window in the splited screen
^a :height -w 25    // adjust the bbs screen's height to 25 rows