[Advertisement] Improving the VCS dumping VPD file size and performance

Running the simulation and generating huge VPD file in Synopsys VCS simulator? Disk space and file size might not be issues because hard disks are very cheap now. However, the system I/O of disks have huge impact in the whole simulation or post-processing.
We are introducing you a state-of-art technology to significantly reduce the file size and improve the VPD file writing performance in dumping and reading performance in DVE and waveform applications.

  • Advantages

    • No impact to the simulation performance.
      It might gain better performance with less system disk I/O.
    • Affordable price
    • Compatible with every build/release of VCS
    • Compatible with most POSIX UNIX-like OS
    • Suitable for any HDL, digital or analog, RTL, or gate-level.

  • It is definitely legal

    • No extra Synopsys VCS license requires
    • No reverse-engineering and no VCS installation or bundle file changes/modifies/patches
    • No extra file or design needs to be compiled into the simulation
    • No re-compile efforts
Allow us to keep you informed about the latest announcement, release, and package prices.


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