Running hifree on Mac OS X

hifree is a free client of music player, movie player, stock, news, and weather browser provided by Chunghua Telecom. It automatically detects the HiNet IP and provides free music and movies to HiNet users. I had the environment of running KKBOX (winodws edition) on Mac OS X, and the hifree player is currently available only on Windows platform. I download the installation setup executable file and use Wine to install. Then I can also run hifree player natively using wine on Mac OS X 10.6. Following are my screenshots. Not only the music, but also the movie can be played well. The chinese glyphs become blocks because I did not set up the encoding correctly. (All images of music front cover, movie screen shot, and other hifree images are copyrighted by its original owner or vender).

Playing music
Playing Movie