MacBook Battery Inflated (電池膨脹)

When I inspected my MacBook, I found that the battery does not exactly close up and match the Mac Book case of the bottom side. After detail investigation, I found my MacBook battery inflated. I'm worry about the battery will keep going inflated and damages other components, so I removed the battery.
I do agree with that battery is a expenditure item, while the MacBook is also more than 2 years old. But the battery cycle count is only 41 and fully charged capacity is 4922 mAh. Buying a new one will take me NT$4,500, and I don't wanna doing that. I need to ask Apple for exchanging a new or refurbished one because that originally I can keep using the old battery to power my MacBook with 3~4 hours battery life within near 2 or 3 years if the battery didn't inflated.

The battery has smaller gap above the screws (compare to the left gray side)
The battery installed and the bottom of MacBook
The side view of the battery. There is a gap and battery inflated.