Playing StarCraft II on MacBook

I installed Blizzard StarCraft II in Mac OS X on MacBook (with Intel GMA950). However, I cannot even see the start-up screen in Mac OS X, only a StarCraft style mouse cursor. According to Blizzard FAQ, Intel GMA 950 is not included in the supported 3D accelerator card list.
But, I turned to install StarCraft II in Windows XP on MacBook (with BootCamp).  Eventually, I can log in to and run the game. But, the frame rate of the game is very low and the game become unplayable, even I set everything to low quality or close on the video options.
Finally, I turned to adjust the Intel GMA 950 3D settings as following, the game gains better frame rate and much playable now. As many of you already know, the texture quality and 3D models of everything become very very low quality because of the performance settings.